smile soul bright
smile soul bright
creating connections through the gift of a smile


Your smile is a gift.

Helping you connect and share your smile with strangers and friends.  

together, we will make the world a better place.

one smile at a time. 


our story

Your smile is a gift. 

Your smile is free. 

When you smile from your soul you can improve the life of a friend or stranger. 

Through the day we have the opportunity to connect with people at the store,  post office,  coffee shops and the gym. 

These deep and sometimes brief encounters have the power to impact a life. 

One may feel love they haven't felt in a long time. One may feel connection they don't get everyday. 

Today we live in a world that is more connected than ever through technology and yet we sometimes forget about the connections available in person.  

The purpose of smile soul bright is to encourage more deep encounters between people and to celebrate those connections. 

The gift of the bracelet celebrates the connection between two people and reminds the receiver, "Your smile is a gift". This will promote a chain reaction of smiles. 

Soon, we will be connected across the world with smiles soul bright. 

founder, jamie marvin

founder, jamie marvin



Giving smiles                                                                                                             

Profits are donated to help children born with a cleft palate get a smile that will last a lifetime. 

Children born with a cleft palate in Mexico do not have a smile they can easily share and are excluded because they are thought to have demons. Parents do not leave the house with their cleft palate children and often abandon them at an orphanage. Thousand Smiles is a foundation in Ensenada, Mexico committed to providing the dental surgeries, treatment and care for children born with a cleft palate. This gives these children a life. They get to smile, play, laugh and give the gift of a smile soul bright.